Dubai, today a significant player in the global economy is aligned with its leader’s vision of making the country a destination of choice for businessmen, Industrialists and tourists from around the world.


Its strategic location at the crossroads of trade and commerce between the East and West progressive governance, liberal policies, business friendly regulations makes Dubai a vibrant cosmopolitan environment that fosters industrial and trade growth for 21st century living.


For the last 25 years Zaker Trading’s odyssey has successfully translated its vision along with Dubai’s strategic development and led to its culmination to becoming the most sought after trading enterprise in the local and regional market.


Established in 1987, Zaker Trading is a leading enterprise engaged in diverse range of innovative Welding, Lifting and Safety products to supplement local and regional Industrial needs. A large inventory reserve of engineering and safety products compliments our supply logistics to customers from around the world.


Zaker Trading’s network of offices, showrooms/multiple warehouses in UAE and associate companies in GCC, caters state-of-the-art products/equipments to various Middle East region based Industrial customers.