Zaker Trading continues to collaborate with certified and tested brands that share our vision and ethical values and adhere to international standards and regulations.



TECHWELD industrial technologies limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional welding accessories, tools and tackles. We are known for our research and innovation to develop quality and sustainable products. Our product range includes welding ovens, TIG & MIG torches, electrode holders, earth clamps, gas accessories, gas regulators, welding cable, welding gauges and consumables in compliance with European standards.


Geotex supplies its product according to the specifications of the European Standards. It is one of the leading industry supplier of welding curtains, welding blankets and welding pads to protect people, plants, and equipment from heat, sparks, and molten metal in the workplace.


Weldman Ltd is a leading supplier of welding and cutting equipment and consumables. Weldman line of items includes an extensive array of products from basic welding tools and accessories to Gas Welding, Welding PPE, Gas Hoses and Welding consumables.Weldman has a complete selection of products for precision welding applications.Weldman Ltd’s policy is to strive for continual improvement in offering quality services and products to customers. In order to stay dynamic in business, the company believes in providing solutions for the betterment of customers by staying responsive and fulfilling their changing needs


ElectroHeat Dweden AB is an innovative company based in Gothenburg,Sweden. We manufacture industrial furnaces and heat treatment equipment to industrial companies all over the world.


GasIQ is a Swedish manufacturer of equipment for gas welding, soldering, cutting and gas control for gas shielded welding. They supply Oxygen gas regulator, acetylene gas regulator, argon gas regulator, LPG gas regulator, gas cutting torch, gas cutting tips, gas cutting kit, CO2 gas regulator. Zaker group supplies these gas equipment across the emirates which includes Dubai, Abu dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah.


Superon manufacturers of wide range of WELDING CONSUMABLES & WELDING AUXILIARIES, with the vision and the commitment of providing products with quality competence and cost effectiveness.


VPL Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (an ISO 9001:2008 certified company) is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing and distributing of Temperature Indicating Crayons / Labels / Sensors / Liquid and Metal Markers etc. VPL is also into the manufacturing of Bulk drugs and API.


Victor gas equipment is the world leader in gas and safety regulator equipment, providing superior quality reliable products,safety and performance.


Sincosald is an Italian manufacturer of professional welding machines since 1960. Sincosald produce both standard manual MIG/MAG – TIG – MMA welding equipments and welding automation systems.


We are Coloring the Future – as the leading pigment color technology expert, we invent leading edge inspiring color products, writing instruments and industrial products. Zaker supplies in UAE and across middle east sakura industrial products like Solid marker, low chloride solid marker, paint marker, low chloride paint marker, low halogen paint marker. The markers can write on any surface and can write on extreme hot temperature as well as cold temperature.



Orkon means professional and industrial abrasives and brushes. ORKON brushes are high professional products complying with EN standard 1083; studied and made for professional people. Special brushes for each kind of industrial applications are made on customer’s demand. All brushes can be made with any type of _lament. Personalized solutions, _exibility and technical assistance are our point of force.


SUPRAFLEX Cutting Discs and Grinding discs are per-engineered to produce the most versatile wheel performance. They are engineered to give you optimum to premium performance in all cutting and grinding applications ranging from production to maintenance in various types of steels.



Japanese Engineering Technology that conforms to the exclusive EC Machinery Directive standards for all our products that we supply to the local and international markets. Our product range includes a wide range of lifting and winching products like chain hoists, lever hoists, push trolleys, hand pulling equipment, alloy steel chains and lifting accessories.


TOYO LIFT UK LTD., is a leading supplier of rigging hardware and material handling equipment. Our products range includes of shackles, clamps, chain hoist, lever hoist, electrical chain hoist, rack jack, wire rope winch, hand pallet truck and many more lifting and material handling equipment.


Liftek, Middle East’s premier single-location for lifting and rigging supplies. As a major supplier of rigging equipment to companies in various industries, we offer a wide variety of wire rope products, including cable laid grommets and steel wire rope. Our inventory also includes a wide selection of wire rope slings, chain slings, synthetic slings, full body safety harness and accessories, cargo lashing, mooring ropes, chain hoists and manual lifting equipment and much more.



Rigman offers a wide range of safety products.Our quality control department focuses on the best quality, so you can order with utmost confidence. Zaker group stocks all range of Work wear, foot wear, Respiratory protection, hand protection, Fall Protection, Rescue and Evacuation items, Ear protection, Eye protection, Face Protection.


TenCate provides a wide range of high-quality industrial safety fabrics that combine protection, comfort and durability. Protective garments incorporating our fabrics are found in many sectors, including utilities and infrastructure, energy, oil and gas, chemical, metal, steel and mining, and manufacturing.


Orris Safety is a manufacturer of leading PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and supplies for various industries like oilfield, construction and marine.

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